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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gonna clean up the site a bit, ensure any 'blackhat' affiliations stay dropped, and do this from the most legit perspective possible. In the past we allowed our supporters to get a bit too far out of line, leaking databases and putting individuals at risk. We do not want this to happen. Our goal is to remove the illegal tools off the internet, not put the miscreants using them at risk.


  1. Whats the next shell booter ur takin down theres like 4 new 1s in the marketplace and there using public ahells found on pastebin by the masses theres over a million shells on pastebin alone its kinda atupid they should clean that copy and paste shit up.

  2. Right now my main concern is
    It's been a long battle there, but we will branch out soon.

  3. Cant wait till yall rape askaa be aure to send me pics lmao